Acknowledging, Accepting, and Transmuting Emotions

Hi beautiful ones! Yes I often start my greetings with this as it is a way to remind not only myself, but all of you, that each and every one of you are unique, beautiful souls!

Today, I am writing about a subject that is a little different than what was initially presented to me by someone very dear to me! I was asked about writing a meditation, or article about anger, and how to deal with it effectively. As I contemplated and researched this subject, I began thinking about what causes or drives anger, and often times it is other emotions that first manifest, that are left either unchecked, or flat out ignored and pushed aside, that will eventually turn to resentment, and then anger. So, I want to instead address emotions in general and how to acknowledge them, except them, and then in turn transmute them into loving positive energy.

The first thing I would like to imprint on your mind, is that you have a right to feel emotions. It is ok, to feel sadness, bliss, frustration, hurt, and any other emotion that may surface for any number of reasons as you go about your day to day life. As a society in general, we are taught to suppress our emotions, or it is not ok to feel our emotions and oh God forbid, you feel them to the extreme! A child that has extreme exuberance and happiness is told to quiet down, or settle down. Think back on your own life, and how many times were you either forced to suppress your emotions because it was unacceptable to act that way, or you were told there is no reason for you to feel that way?

This brings me to the first steps in our process of transmuting emotions.

  • Acknowledge and accept– below I have posted a snip from the dictionary. Look at the meaning and take a few moments to contemplate that meaning. “admit the existence or truth of” “recognize the fact or importance or quality of”. This is recognizing the importance and truth of your emotions. In some ways validating your emotions. Then, after you acknowledge them, accept them as your own. There is a reason you are having the emotion, so allow it to flow through, recognize it, embrace it as part of you with no judgment of yourself, or the emotion, or even the circumstances that caused it. At this point there is no expected outcome, no cause and effect, only you and your emotion, nothing before, nothing after.


Dictionary result for acknowledge

  1. 1.
    accept or admit the existence or truth of.
  2. 2.
    (of a body of opinion) recognize the fact or importance or quality of.


Now that you have acknowledged the emotion, accepted it without judgement, and owned it as an important part of yourself, it is now time to transmute the emotion and let it flow into love and light.

The second step in the process of transmuting our emotions.

  • Transmute – here is another dictionary snip, which I do love to use them, as it makes it clear as to what that word actually means. Look at the line one meaning…..the sentence starts with “to change” and ends with “to a higher form” I love this! This is exactly what we are doing with our emotions now, changing them to a higher form of energy! The second line actually mentions “an element” which is what our emotions are, they are an energetic expression of ourselves, part of us that is essential or characteristic.



trans·​mute | \ tran(t)s-ˈmyüt  tranz-\

Definition of transmute

transitive verb

1to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form
2to subject (something, such as an element) to transmutation
Now that I have communicated a way for you to fully understand, embrace, and allow your initial emotions to flow, we can move onto the last part of actually changing our energetic state of being. We will do this with a meditation and some breath work, or pranayama. I will provide a meditation for you to use below, but you can def create your own words or let them flow as they will in place of my mediation words. You can use this when you are having strong emotions, or feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, wether it is anger, sadness, hurt, offended, any lower vibrational emotion that you wish to change into a more positive higher vibration.

Transmuting Emotions Meditation: 

Sit quietly for a few moments, simply allowing your breath and your emotions to flow naturally without control or judgment. Tell yourself what you are feeling or how you feel is ok. As if extending love to a small child, extend this love to yourself. 

Now, take a deep breath in, pulling the breath all the way to the belly, as deep as you possibly can, hold this breath in the abdomen for a count of 4, then exhale forcefully and loudly through the mouth, until all air is released. You are going to do this two more times now, but this time, with each exhale, you will have the intention of releasing and cleansing. 

Once again return to your natural breath, with no control. If it feels right, softly close the eyes, or just keep them very soft and relaxed not really focusing on anything in particular and gently gazing downward letting the eyelids be heavy if you prefer to keep them open. 

Now once again return to your breath. Notice how your body feels right now. Notice your emotional state, and how your body reacts to you bringing an awareness to your emotions. See your emotions within you. Visualize them as an object. Does this object feel like it is part of you? Do you feel like you need to rid yourself from this object? Does it feel foreign within you, or does it feel like it is part of you and always has been? Whatever you see this object as, I want you to now visualize it as a warm golden light within you. Glowing gently, and floating within your body. As you continue to keep your awareness on this golden glow within you, you slowly start to feel it spreading its warmth, deep within your core. Your whole being is now starting to be filled with this golden beautiful loving glow. You feel as though your whole body is filling with this golden light. You are so full of this golden light now, that it starts to surround you in a loving embrace flowing outside of you as well as within. You feel safe. You feel loved and supported by this glowing warmth. You realize that this glowing light within you is part of the universal flow of energy, the Divine. You are part of the Divine Creator, and the Divine Creator is part of you. You are connected to the Source of all life, all creation, since before ever was and after ever will be. You feel yourself spread through the universe with love and light, touching other lights and merging along the way, and knowing they are also part of the Divine Creator and you are all connected as one. You feel immense happiness and contentment, completely at peace. 

Now you begin to bring your attention back to your breath, and slowly follow the path of your light coming from you, back into your space, and soon you feel your body again and your breath moving through your body. Notice again, how your body feels, and your emotional state of being. Be thankful for all that you are, the greatness and love flowing in you and outwardly from you. 

Gently bow your head now, and take 3 slow deep breaths inhaling and exhaling through the nose being grateful as you do so. Grateful for the Divine light you are. 

Softly open your eyes and smile. 

You should at this point feel much more in balance. Your emotions have now been transmuted to a loving energy that you can go through your day and share with others, letting them see the Divine light within you. Know that you can return to this feeling at anytime, by simply closing your eyes for a few moments and taking a few deep breaths with the intention of peace and love coming in on each exhale, and releasing what does not serve us well on each exhale.

With love and peace and blessings, until next time!



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