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Hi beautiful ones!!

It has been awhile since I posted! I have been super busy and things have been a little crazy haha!! Today as we begin to kick off the holiday season whirlwind of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (and in our family throw in a few birthdays around this time of year too – whoa!) it can become hectic, stressful and down right overwhelming for many people. Some people will even suffer from depression, as the holidays can bring on sadness from missing loved ones no longer sharing in our festivities or being alone at this time of year, and not to mention shorter days and being cooped up inside with less sunshine….all adds to the stress of the season.

So, I want to take a moment to bring your awareness to what we all have to be happy and thankful for. Too many times we tend to focus on what we need, or what we want, what we are lacking, what is wrong with us and in our lives in general….sound familiar? Well today, I want to celebrate all that is right in my life! All that is good in my life! The many, many blessing we all have that we so often take for granted. Yes, we still have illnesses, and bills, and work or school to deal with, they are not going away, and we cannot magically make them disappear, but have you ever thought about what the universe hears when this is where your attention is? The message you are sending out is….I have bills! I am sick! I am overworked! Starting to see the bigger picture now?

As we say in the world of Reiki from the words of Mikao Usui “For today only”….It is much easier to think in terms of one day. I can do this for one day! It’s only one day! Then another day, then another day…and before you know it, you have changed a pattern, or habit, or your thought process! So, here we go…..for today only…..bring your awareness to what is good in your life.

Take a moment to just sit quietly wherever you are, and think about something good in your life. Even if it is one thing, and it can be anything that you think is good, or makes you happy, or brings peace, or comfort to you. Just start right there, this one thing. Now that you have your attention focused in a positive way, take a moment to think about your basic needs that are filled every day. You have a roof over your head, food on your table, clothing….all the little things we take for granted that not everyone in this world has the luxury of. Yes this is a luxury to some people. What we have every day and take for granted as normal necessities, to some people around the world is a life saving blessing that prayers are thrown up for. Hmmmmm, got pretty deep there for a moment huh? Good, I hope I have your attention focused now on gratefulness! Continue to to be grateful! Let the universe hear form you loud and clear! “Thank you, I have food on my table.” “Thank you I am warm in my clothing.” “Thank you I have a soft bed to sleep on in the protection of my own home.”  “Thank you I have a job to go to, and I am able to earn a decent living because I am able to work.” “I am able to contribute to society and help others with my abilities.”

Are you starting to see the difference in messages and vibrations you send out? I hope by reading this, it has brought an awareness to something in your life that you can be thankful and grateful for, no matter how much seems to be going wrong or not as you planned, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!!!

Try to remember all those less fortunate this holiday season, and just be a little kinder, a little more gentle in your actions, not only to those you encounter but to yourself as well. Send out some unconditional, no strings attached, just because it makes me feel good love and thankfulness!!! I promise you, it will return back to you!!!

Wishing you all a wonderfully blessed, happy, and safe holiday season full of wellness, and gratitude!!



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