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Creating Balance Within

Hello beautiful ones!! I hope today finds you balanced and full of gratitude, but if this is not the case, then please feel free to read on for either yourself, a loved one, friend or even a co-worker, that you may be able to help return balance to after reading my little blog. Often times,… Continue reading Creating Balance Within

My Shangri-La Blog

Finding inspiration

Shining lights of love, that is what I received this morning in the early, sleepy rays of dawn! I was on my way to teach my morning yoga class, and I was greeted by this beautiful sunrise just starting to quietly awaken out of the nighttime sky! The moment I saw it, I felt blessed… Continue reading Finding inspiration

My Shangri-La Blog

Gemstones and the Chakras

Good morning beautiful ones!! We have been busy creating all kinds of little wonderful energy helpers with our bracelets you can see on our Genuine crystal gemstone bracelets page and our FB album, and my husband decided he would like to create a Chakra bracelet to help with balancing the chakras and the energetic body. I… Continue reading Gemstones and the Chakras