Earth Healing, Yoga and Meditation

Morning Meditation

Once again I was blessed to enjoy this early morning sunrise in the eastern Texas sky 🙏🏽❤️ Morning is a wonderful time to meditate and reflect and just go quiet within yourself. As the sun rises and a new day begins, allow yourself to rise and begin again. At this magical time of day, in… Continue reading Morning Meditation

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Pachamama – Mother Earth

It was not too long ago that I first came across the word "Pachamama" when I met a beautiful Shaman and light being named Paulina. I was familiar with Mother Earth, or Earth Mother, Father Sky, the Creator, Source, Universal Energy, Cosmos, God, and many other things that our great existence is called and credited… Continue reading Pachamama – Mother Earth

Yoga and Meditation

Water Element as rain

Hello beautiful souls, With all the heavy rains, I wanted to share some insight into one of the 5 elements - WATER. 5 Great Elements: Earth Water Fire Air (or wind) Space (or ether) Water element is needed to sustain life. Without water, we cannot live. Throughout life the human body is made up of… Continue reading Water Element as rain

Essential oils

Essential oils and “the season of germs”

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well, but if you are like the majority of people out there during this time of year, you are fighting off colds, coughs, flu or someone you live with or work with is fighting off these little stealthy microbes that seem to invade everything. It seems to run… Continue reading Essential oils and “the season of germs”