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Yes Yoga truly can be for anyone

Hi my beautiful ones, and yes I am talking to the inner you, that beautiful light being that resides in your body that shines through. As a yoga teacher, I wanted to bring up a subject that I hear all to often from people. I CAN'T DO YOGA...... "I can't do yoga, cause I am… Continue reading Yes Yoga truly can be for anyone

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Earth Whispers

Photography by Daniel Gathings When you are out in nature look beyond what the eye sees, hear the tiniest whispers of the earth, breathe deeply and feel the energy around you. Feel the magic and essence of our beautiful pachamama and let the healing begin. Wishing many blessings to all!! - Penni Aubrey

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Pachamama – Mother Earth

It was not too long ago that I first came across the word "Pachamama" when I met a beautiful Shaman and light being named Paulina. I was familiar with Mother Earth, or Earth Mother, Father Sky, the Creator, Source, Universal Energy, Cosmos, God, and many other things that our great existence is called and credited… Continue reading Pachamama – Mother Earth