Crystal Gemstone meanings A-D

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I have had many people asking me about meanings and uses of different crystals. Well there is no way I can list every one (there are literally hundreds if not thousands by the time you add subcategories!) but I am creating a little of a short list here of the main crystals we use and are fairly common. I will list the main qualities and of course each one may have additional properties based on color, type, region etc….but I will not be listing the extra properties. I will list them in alphabetical order across several pages, and will be updating and posting as I add more, so these pages will be under construction as I go.

I hope this helps, and as always feel free to Contact us with any questions on specific ones!!  So without further adieu… we go!


  • Agate – physical and emotional balance. Balance, abundance, acceptance, courage
  • Amazonite – communication, trust, clarity, inspires truth, psychic vision, self love
  • Amethyst – transformation, calming, letting go, spiritual protection and cleansing
  • Angelite – protects and strengthens, assists with creativity and spiritual inspiration
  • Apatite – assists with weight control, helps with motivation and increases energy
  • Aquamarine – “Stone of courage” has calming energies to reduce stress and promote peace within
  • Aventurine – a very positive stone of prosperity, stabilizes state of mind, creates balance, and stimulates emotional recovery
  • Azurite – “Stone of Heaven” promotes clear understanding and new perspectives, expands the mind


  • Beryl – assists in stress management and shedding unnecessary baggage
  • Bloodstone – grounding and protecting stone, helps cleanse lower chakras and realign energies


  • Carnelian – stabilizing stone with high energy, grounds and anchors you to present moment, restores vitality and stimulates motivation and creativity
  • Celestite – “Stone of Angels” clears mental clutter, and assists in brining peace of mind and higher self awareness
  • Chalcedony – nurturing stone, assists in bringing the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony
  • Charoite – stone of transformation, assists in transmuting negative energy into healing
  • Chrysocolla – tranquil and sustaining stone, helps with meditation and communication
  • Chrysoprase – balances yin and yang energy, facilitates compassion and non judgement
  • Citrine – powerful cleanser and regenerator, warming, energizing, power of the sun, cleanses and balances the subtle bodies


  • Dumortierite – stone of patience, reduces excitability and stubbornness


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