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Often times, we are asked “What does this crystal do or help with?”

So, in response, I have created this page, providing a little explanation and insight into the energetic benefits and uses of different crystals. While there is no way I can list every one (there are literally hundreds if not thousands by the time you add subcategories!),  I am creating a little short list here of the more common ones, and those that we frequently use in our own designs.

I am including a short description of the main qualities and of course each one may have additional properties based on color, type, region etc….but I will not be listing the extra properties. I am listing them in alphabetical order for the categories from A to Z.

I hope this helps, and as always feel free to Contact us with any questions on specific ones!!  So without further adieu… we go!


  • Agate – physical and emotional balance. Balance, abundance, acceptance, courage
  • Amazonite – communication, trust, clarity, inspires truth, psychic vision, self love
  • Amethyst – transformation, calming, letting go, spiritual protection and cleansing
  • Angelite – protects and strengthens, assists with creativity and spiritual inspiration
  • Apatite – assists with weight control, helps with motivation and increases energy
  • Aquamarine – “Stone of courage” has calming energies to reduce stress and promote peace within
  • Aventurine – a very positive stone of prosperity, stabilizes state of mind, creates balance, and stimulates emotional recovery
  • Azurite – “Stone of Heaven” promotes clear understanding and new perspectives, expands the mind


  • Beryl – assists in stress management and shedding unnecessary baggage
  • Bloodstone – grounding and protecting stone, helps cleanse lower chakras and realign energies


  • Carnelian – stabilizing stone with high energy, grounds and anchors you to present moment, restores vitality and stimulates motivation and creativity
  • Celestite – “Stone of Angels” clears mental clutter, and assists in brining peace of mind and higher self awareness
  • Chalcedony – nurturing stone, assists in bringing the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony
  • Charoite – stone of transformation, assists in transmuting negative energy into healing
  • Chrysocolla – tranquil and sustaining stone, helps with meditation and communication
  • Chrysoprase – balances yin and yang energy, facilitates compassion and non judgement
  • Citrine – powerful cleanser and regenerator, warming, energizing, power of the sun, cleanses and balances the subtle bodies


  • Dumortierite – stone of patience, reduces excitability and stubbornness 


  • Emerald – inspiration, loyalty, unity. A wisdom stone assists in promoting discernment and truth.
  • Epidote – dispels criticalness, improves relationships


  • Feldspar – self awareness, self love, tolerance
  • Flourite – highly protective, helps cleanse and stabilize the aura. Assists with organization, and dispels chaos.
  • Fuchsite – wonderful for holistic guidance


  • Garnet – energizing and regenerating, clears negative chakra energy, and amplifies other crystals


  • Hematite – grounding, protecting, dispels negative energy, harmonizes mind, body and spirit
  • Howlite – extremely calming, strengthens positive character traits, assists with dispelling anger and rage


  • Iolite – a vision stone, activates the 3rd eye, and stimulates connection to inner knowing


  • Jade – symbol of purity, serenity, tranquility, protection, prosperity and wisdom.
  • Jasper – “Supreme nurturer” protection and grounding, sustains and supports
  • Jet – protection, stabilize, awaken, helps draw out and remove negative energy


  • Kunzite – activates and aligns upper chakras, purifying, soothing and calming
  • Kyanite – excellent for attunement and meditation, instantly aligns the chakras, grounding and protecting


  • Labradorite – mystical and protective stone, bringer of light, promotes illumination and imagination
  • Lapis Lazuli – opens 3rd eye, stimulates enlightenment, releases stress, brings in deep peace and tranquility.
  • Larimar – “Stone of earth healing” emits energy of healing and love, radiates love and peace
  • Lava Stone (lave rock) – grounding, calming, and strengthening, strengthens connections to Mother Earth
  • Lepidolite – promotes self love, helps reduce stress, and brings emotional stability


  • Magnesite – brings deep peace and relaxation, stimulates heart felt love including love for the self, helpful in practicing unconditional love.
  • Malachite – powerful stone but must handled with caution, should be used only in its polished form, amplifies both positive and negative energies, a stone of transformation
  • Moonstone – “Stone of new beginnings” strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Calming to the emotions, balances yin and yang, or female and male energies, and reminds that everything waxes and wanes just at the moon does.
  • Muscovite (mica) – mystical stone with strong angelic contact, stimulates awareness of the higher self


  • Nebula stone – assists in healing at the cellular level


  • Obsidian – molten lave that cooled quickly, a stone without boundaries or limitations, stone of truth, protecting and shielding from negative energies
  • Onyx – support and strength giving, centers and aligns the energies
  • Opal – very delicate stone and fine vibration, associated with love and passion, karmic stone teaching what you put out returns to you


  • Peridot – ancient and protective stone, powerful cleanser, releasing and neutralizing both subtle body and physical body
  • Prehnite – serene, unconditional love, heals the healer
  • Pyrite – shields from negative energies


Quartz – “Master healer” most powerful healing and energy amplifier, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, attunes to the person wearing it or needing the healing, raises energy vibration (additional properties below)
Rose Quartz – stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, heart stone
Rutilated Quartz – perfect balance and cosmic light, illuminating spiritually
Smoky Quartz – protective, grounding and anchoring while raising the vibrations
Snow Quartz – supportive, assists with thinking before you speak, same as clear quartz, but a more slower, gentle vibration
Tourmalinated Quartz – properties of quartz and tourmaline, grounding, strengthening, harmonizing to the subtle body and meridians (or nadis).


Rhodochrosite – represents selfless love and compassion, expands consciousness, and imparts a positive attitude. Excellent stone for the heart and relationships
Rhodonite – emotional balancer, nurtures love, clears and activates the heart chakra
Rhyolite – ignites the potential and creativity of the soul
Ruby – excellent energy stone, imparts vigor to life, energizing and balancing
Ruby in Zoisite – activates the crown chakra
Ruby in Fuchsite – amplifies the auric field


  • Sapphire – known as the wisdom stone, brings focus and calm to the mind, assists with releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension
  • Sardonyx – stone of strength and protection, promotes integrity and virtuous conduct, assists with bringing lasting happiness and stability to marriage.
  • Selenite – very fine vibration that brings clarity of mind, opens the crown chakras, calming, and instill deep peace
  • Seraphinite – the stone of spiritual enlightenment, excellent for accessing self healing, angelic connections and opening crown and higher chakras. Gentle cleansing effect on the heart chakra.
  • Serpentine – earthing stone, aids in meditation, clears the chakras, assists in feeling more in control of your life, extremely cleansing and detoxifying to the body
  • Sodalite – assists in uniting logic with intuition, excellent stone for the mind bringing about clarity, emotional balance, and calm.
  • Spinel – energy renewal, opens the chakras and assists with energy movement upward, encouragement
  • Sugalite – spiritual love, wisdom, inspires living from your truth and positive thoughts
  • Sunstone – joyful, light inspiring, restorative, nurturing, assists in lifting dark moods and stimulates self healing and harmony.


  • Tektite – of extraterrestrial origin (meteoric from outer space) enhance communication with other worlds, encourages spiritual growth, balances energy flow
  • Tiger’s Eye – combines earth and sun energy, creates a high vibrational state while still being grounded, highly protective and balancing
  • Topaz – soothing, healing, stimulating, recharging, vibrant energy
  • Tourmaline – cleanses, purifies, transforming, grounding
  • Turquoise – healing and protection, strengthens the meridians


  • Unakite – stone of vision, balancing emotional and spiritual energies, grounding, assists in removing obstacles for personal growth


  • Vesuvianite (Idocrase) – higher self and spirituality


  • Zoisite – transmutes negative energy into positive, manifestation, creativity, assisting in detoxifying and neutralizing

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