Earthing – what on Earth is earthing?

Ahhhhh yes, beautiful, wonderful Earthing!!

You may be asking what on earth, is earthing? I came across this term last year, after my Jikiden Reiki master teacher explained to us that she wears her leather moccasins to connect with the earth when she is outside, or performing ceremonies. This captured my attention and interest, and I began to research what wearing these types of soft soul shoes does, and I came upon the term known as “earthing”.

I myself, have always felt deeply connected to the earth, through plants, and animals, and nature. I love to be outdoors and connecting to the beautiful energy our Pachamama (Indigenous name for mother Earth) has to offer, but earthing is more than just being out in nature. It is a direct current of energy connecting through the souls of the feet when walking, or through direct touch of the body, hands or feet with the ground, soil, sand, streams, oceans, trees, etc…. A way of grounding and deep connection to the energy currents of nature and earth. An exchange of electrons directly from earth to the human body. In our modern world, we have sadly diminished and sometimes all together lost this deep, profound, healing connection.

Ask yourself when was the last time you walked barefoot in the grass, or sand, or simply put your arms around the trunk of a tree? I remember as a young child running around barefoot outside all the time, and being told to put my shoes on, and even climbing trees, and laying in the grass just gazing up at the clouds,  but as I grew older, I realized, I almost always have shoes on now and I rarely have time to just lay in the grass and gaze up at the clouds. I started thinking about it, and I immediately wanted to remember what I was missing, so I promptly went outside into the grass barefoot. There I stood, in my bare feet, softly closing my eyes and turning my face to the sun, and just allowing sensation to flow. I felt the energy of the blades of grass against my feet, as if they were welcoming me with a soft caress and saying hello. I continued to walk around, and as I did so, felt the connection growing from myself to the earth, as if my feet were roots of a plant, now reaching into the rich soil and ground around me. I felt the earth’s energy rising up to greet me happily, gently making its way up through my feet, my legs, and into my very core. I felt a sense of stability, of grounding, and peace and one with nature. I felt nurtured and calm. Wow, I forgot how good it actually feels to connect in this very direct, personal way. I stood there a few moments more, just soaking up the earth energy now flowing freely into me, smiling softly to myself and giving thanks to our mother earth for all of her life sustaining offerings that we all too often take for granted. She provides us with all that we need to survive, water, food, shelter, clothing, minerals, vitamins, and I can go on and on. I felt such a deep connection and gratitude standing there thinking about all of this. I felt so tiny, next to this vast expanse of planet beneath me, yet so universally connected and eternally intertwined.

As I slowly made my way back into the house, I thought ok I must make a point of doing this more often, but in this day and age, how often do I really walk around barefoot? So, this led me on a search of a good pair of earthing shoes. After much research I learned a good pair of earthing shoes, will not have anything to obstruct or stop the flow of electrons, such as rubber, or plastic, basically manmade synthetic materials. Electrons flow freely between the earth and the grounded human body, so anyway that you can allow them to flow without obstruction, helps with that connection. Gardening in your bare hands, with no gloves on, is also a good way to connect, which I happily do this often (dirty fingernails and all), but on with my search for a good pair of earthing shoes.

I discovered there are several types of earthing shoes you can purchase. Shoes made from animal hide such as leather cow hide, or deer hide, with a soft sole, meaning the bottom is made of this material as well as the rest of the shoe, are some of the best and most common to find. You can also get shoes, with plugs in the soles to conduct the energy flow upward, such as copper rivet placed within the sole of the shoe, or leather shoes with natural cork bottoms… get the picture of using natural materials, not synthetic. You do not have to wear them all day every day (although this would be ideal!) but at least try and get out and about with them several times a week, if not daily for a half hour or so to get the benefits of earthing. I am positive the more you do it, the more you will want to make time to do it!

There are several ways you can buy earthing shoes, and I will list some links below to get you started on your search if you are interested. I do not in any way receive anything for my recommendations, nor am I affiliated with any links, this is solely based on my own research and trial and error, and my own opinion and preference. I highly suggest you research, and use your own trial and error to find what works best for you, as to me this is the best part of the journey of learning. I recommend buying hand made if you can, just for the simple fact of allowing for an even more intimate, special connection from human, to plant or animal, to earth.

After searching for several months, I came across a pair of moccasins on the Cherokee Nation reservation in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina while on vacation, that were hand made by a Cherokee Nation woman, being sold in a gift shop in town.  There was a basket full of them, some from buffalo, some from elk, and deer, and some from cow. The pair I connected with were made from deer hide, and as soon as I put them on, I knew these shoes were made for me. They also have special meaning, as I myself have Cherokee Indian ancestral roots from my father’s side, so this deepened my connection to them even more. I purchased them happily and proudly wear them regularly. They are getting a bit worn now, but still upholding strong and sturdy. I am certain they were made with love, devotion and purpose! I cannot tell you how good it feels to slip my feet into these almost daily and just walk around in them!

my favorite pair of earthing shoes – hand made of deer hide by a Cherokee Nation woman from North Carolina Smoky Mountain area


I hope I have captured your interest on the wonderful subject of earthing, and that you begin your own research on how to connect with our earth and nature on a more personal level to experience all the wonderful benefits for yourself.

As promised, here are some helpful links and books on earthing, and sites that sell earthing shoes.

I am including this link below,  because it was beautiful here and I felt a sense of deep connection to this place Cherokee Nation Eastern Tribe of North Carolina Smoky Mountains

  • Here are some site links to purchase earthing shoes for men, women, or children,  or just to get ideas of what kinds of shoes are available out there.

Earth Shoes

The Earthing Store

Women’s Earthing Moccasin

Men’s Earthing Shoes

Earthing Sandals

Customizable Earthing Shoes

  • Here are some website links, and books to read up on or learn more about earthing. Just click on any of the links to be taken to the sites.

For the more scientifically minded

Heart MD Institute

Short video on earthing benefits

Informative website with some great links to research further

  • Last but not least, here are some links to books that are available on earthing and grounding, with some of them being available on Audible books as well.

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Getting Grounded: for Health & Healing Kindle Edition

Get Grounded!: 35 Simple Ways to Balance Your Body, Mind and Spirit (Soul-Full Self-Care) (Volume 2)

I hope this little article sets you off on your own exploratory journey of connection and grounding to our beautiful Earth. I would love to hear about your experiences with connecting, grounding, and earthing, and anything you would like to share on how you connect in your own individual ways.

I invite you now to join me outside on a journey of connection and healing passed down to us from our ancestors, that our very soul and physical body responds to on a primal, instinctive level. So kick your shoes off, dig in the dirt, and hug a tree!!

Wishing you all love, peace and deep healing along your journey!!

– Penni

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