I am happy to announce I am now offering my workshops, events, classes, and counseling online!!!

***You can now request and schedule, with Penni, any live video session below, at a date and time convenient for you, based on availability!!***

You can purchase any class or session below, and once you register and pay, I receive a notification. I will contact you via email to arrange a date/time with you, or you may also contact me with questions by filling out and submitting the form on this page or via email.

I offer a variety of workshops, classes, counseling, and events throughout the year, including Reiki certifications, specialized yoga teaching, Qigong, meditation, holistic wellness coaching, spiritual and energy balancing.

Many of my workshops will qualify for CEU credits for yoga teachers.

You can also check out my workshops taught by me and co-hosted at Premier Yoga and Fitness!

Please use the form below to submit any comments or inquiries you may have. 

For Premier Yoga and Fitness co-hosted workshop, click the link below. You do not have to be a current member of Premier Yoga and Fitness to attend a workshop.

One on one private holistic wellness coaching session via Zoom or Skype:

You can now purchase a private 1-hour session via zoom or skype with Penni. Holistic wellness coaching, mentoring, and guidance on the subjects of Reiki, yoga, Qigong, wellness coaching, breathwork, meditation, energy work, crystals, and crystal energies, needing an ordained minister, or you simply want a compassionate ear to listen and provide emotional and spiritual support, or to get your energy cleared out and moving. Whatever it is, I will assist you in any way I am able.

Please use the form above to submit your requests, or register and pay below, and I will contact you via email.

Private One on One Session

One on one structured 1-hour session with Penni. With a choice of yoga, qigong, meditation, crystal healing, reiki, or overall guidance on holistic wellness. Or merely a compassionate ear to listen and assist you with emotional and spiritual support. You can now book a convenient time for your private session.


Introduction to the Healing Art of Reiki – live video session

Have you ever wondered about Reiki, what it is, what to expect in a session receiving Reiki, and the different levels or degrees of certifications?

In this live video session, you will gain a basic understanding of how you can improve your overall well being with Reiki,

In this 1 hour live class via Zoom (or Skype), you will learn about Reiki, how it can help you, and the different ways you can bring healing energy into your life.
We will explore what Reiki Healing is by bringing awareness and understanding of sensing energy within our own bodies, the power of others around us, and our surroundings.

Discover simple Reiki techniques you can use in your daily life. Benefits of practicing Reiki on yourself and others, the different levels of Reiki certifications, and what to expect in a Reiki session.

Included, you will also receive an attachment to download or print, for you to keep, of the critical points of the class.

Up to an additional 30 minutes will be allowed in class for questions and answers, as well as information on upcoming certification courses I will have.

Cost: $20.00 (includes attachment manuscript)

Introduction to the Healing Art of Reiki Online Event

1 hour live video class on the beautiful modality of Reiki, with up to 30 minutes allowed for questions and answers. ‘Manuscript of crucial points’ attachment will be provided with a meeting link via email once registered.



Mindful & Intuitive Eating – live video workshop

There is no better time than now to incorporate mindfulness and intuition into your daily eating habits to cultivate a more healthy relationship with your food!

In this 90 minute class via Zoom or Skype, you will learn two powerful techniques, utilizing awareness and listening to your own intuition, to not only reach your healthy weight but maintain long term results by making a habit out of mindful, intuitive eating. Mindful, intuitive eating can also assist with optimizing your ideal healthy weight, inflammation, brain fog or midday slumps, and emotional or reactive eating.

Included!  You will receive a downloadable copy of the 7-page e-manuscript I created. With in-depth explanations of techniques, tips, suggestions, and guidelines to follow. As well as references to workbooks, books you can purchase, and web pages you can access and utilize to keep you on track.

Cost $35.00 (CEU distance learning qualified for yoga teachers)

Mindful & Intuitive Eating – live online event

A 90 minute class via Zoom or Skype, you will learn two powerful techniques, utilizing awareness and listening to your own intuition, to not only reach your healthy weight but maintain long term results by making a habit out of mindful, intuitive eating. Included, a downloadable copy of my 7-page e-manuscript to keep. (CEU for YT)



Please check out my Yoga Alliance page at this link: YACEP CEU’s with Penni Aubrey.

ONLY Premier Yoga and Fitness Workshops – Workshops with Penni at Premier.

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