Finding inspiration

Finding inspiration

Shining lights of love, that is what I received this morning in the early, sleepy rays of dawn!

I was on my way to teach my morning yoga class, and I was greeted by this beautiful sunrise just starting to quietly awaken out of the nighttime sky! The moment I saw it, I felt blessed and at peace. It immediately brought a smile to my face and a thank you to my heart, for this glorious gift to start my day off.

I was inspired! I felt, as if, this was a special little message to say “Awaken your soul with me“. It made me reflect on how truly blessed I am.

When I got to my class, I asked if anyone else had noticed the beautiful glorious sunrise, and received a resounding yes (some had even taken pictures as I did in the moment)! It was not the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen, but this morning within the first rays of light, there was a message, special and unique to each individual who received it, but nevertheless a universal message that our Mamma Earth was sending out as if to say…

“Behold my glory and know you are a part of it, all intertwined universally with the magnificent Creator”


It is simply wonderful when nature demands our attention so fully and completely that  you cannot help but to stop and absorb in that moment, acknowledging, in gratitude, the energy being so graciously shared with you. It is healing, grounding and uplifting to the soul, all at the same time.

Many times we turn to nature, or Pachamama our beautiful Mother Earth, or our Heavenly Father, or the moon, sun, mountains and trees and even oceans for inspiration. On a subtle, subconscious level, we seek out what we need, sending silent messages through our deepest thoughts and actions, and the universe answers our most primitive call in the most profound ways.

The next time you come upon a moment in time that captures your attention, even if fleetingly, think about the message you may have been sending out and seeking inspiration for, and send up a little thank you and gratitude to the universe for answering you.

It may be a sunrise or sunset, a hawk soaring, or it may be as simple as your dog laying his head in your lap, whatever it is that brings you to that moment of time standing still, you can be assured a message of inspiration is there, simply remove the veil and seek its glory.

Love and light until next time

-Penni Aubrey

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