Genuine Crystal meanings E-L

Crystal Gemstones meanings and uses beginning with letters E through L.


  • Emerald – inspiration, loyalty, unity. A wisdom stone assists in promoting discernment and truth.
  • Epidote – dispels criticalness, improves relationships



  • Feldspar – self awareness, self love, tolerance
  • Flourite – highly protective, helps cleanse and stabilize the aura. Assists with organization, and dispels chaos.
  • Fuchsite – wonderful for holistic guidance



  • Garnet – energizing and regenerating, clears negative chakra energy, and amplifies other crystals



  • Hematite – grounding, protecting, dispels negative energy, harmonizes mind, body and spirit
  • Howlite – extremely calming, strengthens positive character traits, assists with dispelling anger and rage



  • Iolite – a vision stone, activates the 3rd eye, and stimulates connection to inner knowing



  • Jade – symbol of purity, serenity, tranquility, protection, prosperity and wisdom.
  • Jasper – “Supreme nurturer” protection and grounding, sustains and supports
  • Jet – protection, stabilize, awaken, helps draw out and remove negative energy



  • Kunzite – activates and aligns upper chakras, purifying, soothing and calming
  • Kyanite – excellent for attunement and meditation, instantly aligns the chakras, grounding and protecting



  • Labradorite – mystical and protective stone, bringer of light, promotes illumination and imagination
  • Lapis Lazuli – opens 3rd eye, stimulates enlightenment, releases stress, brings in deep peace and tranquility.
  • Larimar – “Stone of earth healing” emits energy of healing and love, radiates love and peace
  • Lava Stone (lave rock) – grounding, calming, and strengthening, strengthens connections to Mother Earth
  • Lepidolite – promotes self love, helps reduce stress, and brings emotional stability

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