Genuine Crystal meanings M-R

Crystal gemstone meanings and uses beginning with letters M through R.


  • Magnesite – brings deep peace and relaxation, stimulates heart felt love including love for the self, helpful in practicing unconditional love.
  • Malachite – powerful stone but must handled with caution, should be used only in its polished form, amplifies both positive and negative energies, a stone of tansformation
  • Moonstone – “Stone of new beginnings” strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Calming to the emotions, balances yin and yang, or female and male energies, and reminds that everything waxes and wanes just at the moon does.
  • Muscovite (mica) – mystical stone with strong angelic contact, stimulates awareness of the higher self



  • Nebula stone – assists in healing at the cellular level


  • Obsidian – molten lave that cooled quickly, a stone without boundaries or limitations, stone of truth, protecting and shielding from negative energies
  • Onyx – support and strength giving, centers and aligns the energies
  • Opal – very delicate stone and fine vibration, associated with love and passion, karmic stone teaching what you put out returns to you



  • Peridot – ancient and protective stone, powerful cleanser, releasing and neutralizing both subtle body and physical body
  • Prehnite – serene, unconditional love, heals the healer
  • Pyrite – shields from negative energies


  • Quartz – “Master healer” most powerful healing and energy amplifier, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, attunes to the person wearing it or needing the healing, raises energy vibration (additional properties below)
    • Rose Quartz – stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, heart stone
    • Rutilated Quartz – perfect balance and cosmic light, illuminating spiritually
    • Smoky Quartz – protective, grounding and anchoring while raising the vibrations
    • Snow Quartz – supportive, assists with thinking before you speak, same as clear quartz, but a more slower, gentle vibration
    • Tourmalinated Quartz – properties of quartz and tourmaline, grounding, strengthening, harmonizing to the subtle body and meridians (or nadis).



  • Rhodochrosite – represents selfless love and compassion, expands consciousness, and imparts a positive attitude. Excellent stone for the heart and relationships
  • Rhodonite – emotional balancer, nurtures love, clears and activates the heart chakra
  • Rhyolite – ignites the potential and creativity of the soul
  • Ruby – excellent energy stone, imparts vigor to life, energizing and balancing
    • Ruby in Zoisite – activates the crown chakra
    • Ruby in Fuchsite – amplifies the auric field