Genuine Crystal meanings S-Z

Crystal gemstone meanings and uses beginning with letters S through Z.


  • Sapphire – known as the wisdom stone, brings focus and calm to the mind, assists with releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension
  • Sardonyx – stone of strength and protection, promotes integrity and virtuous conduct, assists with bringing lasting happiness and stability to marriage.
  • Selenite – very fine vibration that brings clarity of mind, opens the crown chakras, calming, and instill deep peace
  • Seraphinite – the stone of spiritual enlightenment, excellent for accessing self healing, angelic connections and opening crown and higher chakras. Gentle cleansing effect on the heart chakra.
  • Serpentine – earthing stone, aids in meditation, clears the chakras, assists in feeling more in control of your life, extremely cleansing and detoxifying to the body
  • Sodalite – assists in uniting logic with intuition, excellent stone for the mind bringing about clarity, emotional balance, and calm.
  • Spinel – energy renewal, opens the chakras and assists with energy movement upward, encouragement
  • Sugalite – spiritual love, wisdom, inspires living from your truth and positive thoughts
  • Sunstone – joyful, light inspiring, restorative, nurturing, assists in lifting dark moods and stimulates self healing and harmony.



  • Tektite – of extraterrestrial origin (meteoric from outer space) enhance communication with other worlds, encourages spiritual growth, balances energy flow
  • Tiger’s Eye – combines earth and sun energy, creates a high vibrational state while still being grounded, highly protective and balancing
  • Topaz – soothing, healing, stimulating, recharging, vibrant energy
  • Tourmaline – cleanses, purifies, transforming, grounding
  • Turquoise – healing and protection, strengthens the meridians



  • Unakite – stone of vision, balancing emotional and spiritual energies, grounding, assists in removing obstacles for personal growth



  • Vesuvianite (Idocrase) – higher self and spirituality


  • Zoisite – transmutes negative energy into positive, manifestation, creativity, assisting in detoxifying and neutralizing
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