Think you can, know you can

What you put out into the universe is what you will get back. Pay attention to your thoughts. How are you asking for things when you ask from the universe, God, the creator, or in prayer, meditation, reflection, or just plain wishful thinking?  What is your focus placed on? Are you asking in a way that is positive and open to receiving? Do you believe without a doubt in yourself and your ability to create the life you want to live and that you deserve good things, happiness, health, or whatever it is that you are asking for?

Your thoughts and what you believe are very powerful. This saying below from Mahatma Gandhi has very much truth to it.

Try this little mind body exercise for one week every day, even if it is just for a few moments.

Sit in a comfortable position, somewhere that you will not be disturbed preferably. Gently close your eyes, and begin by just taking a few slow deep inhales and full complete exhales through your nose.  This action alone begins to calm the energy in the mind and the body.  As you continue breathing, bring an awareness to how the breath feels as it enters into the body, then as it leaves the body. Continue to breath slowly pulling the breath all the way to the belly as you inhale. Now bring yourself into your thoughts. Maybe how you look physically, or it can be a personality trait, or your energy you give out to the world, or anything that reflects you.  Now that you are the center of attention in your mind, bring your focus to one positive loving thought about yourself. It can be as simple as your own smile, or as complex as you can empathize with people. You can do it, we all have something to offer out to the world. Make sure each day you focus on this same one thing about yourself.

On the first day, after you are done sitting quietly, make a note of how you feel on this thought when it first entered your mind. Where you sure this was a positive thought immediately? Did you have to search for something positive and loving about yourself? Try and take note of how your body reacted to this thought. Continue to do this every day for the next seven days. On the last day, after you are done, notice how you feel about this thought now. How does your body react now after a week of positively affirming a loving thought about yourself. How do you feel about this thought, and how do you feel about yourself now vs the first day you started. Notice the little subtleties that changed in your bodies reactions to the thought, or your minds reaction, and your attitude toward yourself.

I am certain you will have a whole new light shining down on the quote below after doing this for one week. Now that you have proven to yourself what your thoughts are capable of, there is no limit to manifesting a wonderful life for yourself!! Next time change a negative thought into a positive one! You can do it, I believe in you!



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