Meditation of Love and Acceptance

A beautiful love filled hello to all of you!

During these challenging and uncertain times, I wanted to bring a little bit of inner calm to anyone seeking it, including myself.  I wrote this meditation years ago, and thought it would be fitting right now to return to complete love and acceptance of ourselves, regardless of how we are responding and reacting. May you find some peace in the words of this meditation.

I will also be posting the meditation on my YouTube channel Aubrey Shangrila

Meditation of Love and Acceptance

Take a comfortable seat, keeping the spine long, and the shoulders relaxed. Allow your eyelids to become heavy and relaxed, or gently close the eyes.

Relax your body….relax the facial muscles…..relax your mind….allowing thoughts to simply come and go, without lingering, simply acknowledging them if they enter into the space of the mind, and watching them drift away… if watching clouds floating by on a beautiful warm sunny day.

Take a deep cleansing inhale through the nose, and a full complete releasing exhale through the mouth. Do this one more time.

Now allow your breath to return to a relaxed rhythm of breathing in and out through the nose. From this moment on, imagine….as you take each inhale, you are bringing in peace and love, and with each exhale, your are releasing and letting go of any tension. Feel your body relaxing as you allow yourself to come into balance through your breath. Feel the rhythm of your breath moving the energy through your body gently, inhaling, exhaling.

Now, I want you to visualize yourself, sitting back into the arms of the present moment…..see yourself leaning back into loving arms….letting them surround you and support you fully, as if a mother or father cradling their young child lovingly.

I want you to lean back into this loving support and feel yourself completely surrounded by the warm glow of love.

The present moment that is wrapped around you so lovingly, asks nothing of you….expects nothing from you….demands nothing from you… simply allows you to be….just as you are right now… this present moment.

Bring your awareness to your body beneath the surface….feel the breath as it gently moves through your body….continue to allow your body to relax into the present moment….existing only in this moment or reality…..

As you continue inhaling and exhaling….feel any negative energy, lower vibrations, or any emotions that do not serve you well….releasing out with each exhale…..visualize this energy as tiny little particles releasing and floating up and out of your body….continue watching the little particles of energy as they disperse out into the universe, until they are so small you can no longer see them…..they are gone….absorbed into our vast universe to be transmuted into love and light.

Now as you inhale….feel a soft glowing, golden light entering into your body…..feel the warmth of this light slowly spreading throughout as it first enters into the crown of your head, through the mind…..down into your chest…..your arms…..your abdomen….your legs… your entire body feels filled with the beautiful golden light, that has now come to rest within your heart space.

Say to yourself quietly…..I am this shining, golden light….I am love….I am a warm glowing light….that is part of our Divine Universe….I am the light unto myself, and to all others who encounter me. I am not this body with a temporary spirit….I am SPIRIT…..with a temporary human body. I am SPIRIT….a strong and bright light in this universe….filled with love and light of our Divine Creator of which I am.

Allow yourself to feel this love fully and completely….accepting all that is, just as it is.

Now bring your awareness back to the space you are in…..begin to release the meditation by taking a few slow and deep breaths.

Bring your hands to heart in prayer hands, or anjali mudra…slightly bow the chin in an offering of gratitude….for all that you are and all that you have.

When you are ready…..gently open your eyes and release the meditation.

Namaste…..beautiful light beings,


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