My Crystal Meanings and Uses pages are all complete from A to Z!

Hello beautiful beings!!

I have finally completed my pages for short descriptions of genuine crystal uses and meanings from A to Z!! I may add slowly now as I go, but most of the more well known crystals are on the pages. If there is a crystal not listed please feel free to message or email me and I will be happy to get the meaning and uses to you.

I used a combination of my own certification training, and several resources to get the shortest, most accurate meaning and use for each one. I will list the resources below, as well as each page on our site. This list is by all means not all inclusive as there are simply far too many crystals to list in just a few short pages. This is only meant to give you a general guideline and understanding of some of the most popular ones. You can also use these pages for suggestions when ordering our bracelets.

Wishing you all love, blessings and peace!! 


Here are the links to my pages all in one easy place to access:

These pages are also under the main drop down menu for Crystal Gemstones. 

Crystal gemstone meaning A-D

Crystal gemstone meaning E-L

Crystal gemstone meaning M-R

Crystal gemstone meaning S-Z


Here are some wonderful links and resources that I myself have used and still refer too at times: 

I do not make any claims as to the accuracy of the books or the websites, these are simply my personal choices I like to use when doing some of my research. 

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall

Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall

Crystal Vaults website

Mindat.Org website

Charms of Light website

Energy Muse website

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