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I am super excited to introduce my newest adventure! 

I am now writing for 

I will be adding my story links here for anyone to read, and you can also follow me on Aubrey Shangri-la or My Shangri-La publications. 

I hope you join me for all kinds of informational and helpful articles. I will be writing regularly on many diverse topics!

What exactly is Medium

The Medium website has literally 1,000’s of topics with 1,000’s of articles under each area! 

Medium is a writing platform, with no paid advertisements. So, you have the experience of purely enjoying your read.

You do not have to join Medium to read their content, however, if you do decide to join, it is only $5.00 monthly or 50.00 yearly, and you can then have unlimited access to all the stories, blogs, and articles on their site.

I may receive compensation for recommending their website.

I do receive compensation from Medium based on the number of membership reads, and other criteria met for writing on their platform.

Here are links to my current published articles.

I will add and update as I write. 


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