Slow Flow Yoga and Chair Yoga Fusion

My classes are a wonderful fusion of yoga, qigong, pranayama, and meditation, targeting seniors and special populations, or those that just wish to slow the flow down and relax!

I am happy to announce, I am taking my classes online!!! 


Check out my newest uploads on my YouTube Channel Aubrey Shangrila

Chair Yoga Fusion – Seated Mindful Movement Series suggested Donation

This series will blend together chair yoga, seated Qigong, chair exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation into a fusion of Mindful Movement suitable for all ages. The class will run approximately 30 to 40 minutes. I will upload new video classes every week onto my YouTube channel Aubrey Shangrila. You can subscribe and hit the bell so you are notified every time there is a new class uploaded. This series is coming to you free, however donations are excepted and greatly appreciated!!


Group chair yoga, seated Qigong, and Meditation

My classes include more than just chair yoga! I incorporate modified chair yoga, seated qigong (similar to Tai Chi), Chinese hand pressure point exercises (which is beneficial for arthritis and opening up meridians), proper breathing techniques, simple chair exercises (to work the lymphatic system, build muscle, etc..), and I always end class with a short guided meditation of their choice, which they love to choose and participate with! I keep classes, light hearted and engaging, as well as incorporating memory and focus into the class to help clients retain and use what they learn outside of class too. Prices are for 1 hour, and may be prorated upon request if more or less than an hour.



We will also be putting together more fun and lighthearted drumming circles that the whole family can join in with like the one featured here on my Aubrey Shangrila YouTube channel! 


My handmade African drum
















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