Our Journey

Penni Aubrey (owner/teacher):

I believe taking a holistic natural approach in nurturing the energetic body, physical body, and the mind are key to creating a balanced, healthy life. I incorporate gentle yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda, meditation, neigong and qigong, and honoring our precious Mother Earth and all that it offers, into my teaching.

I hold certifications as a 200 HR E-RYT and a YACEP, registered with the Yoga Alliance and a Jikiden Reiki Okuden level 2 practitioner registered with IARP. I also hold additional certifications in Yoga for Special Populations, Chair Yoga, Mind Body Mediation, Yin Yoga, and crystal practitioner (CCP). I am currently working towards my Jikiden Reiki Shihan Master level.

I am continuously learning and growing both spiritually, and in my teaching, and I am honored by anyone who chooses to share the journey with me!!

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Joe Aubrey (creates all of our bracelets):

I practice Nei Gung and meditation. I make all of the bracelets with love and intention. When I design a bracelet, I feel the energy of the crystals and allow them to guide me.

We originally started creating the bracelets for ourselves to help balance energy, protection/deflection of negative energies, and overall assist with healing the energetic body, and then people began asking us about them, and if we could make them one, and that is how My Shangri-La bracelets were born!