Pachamama – Mother Earth

It was not too long ago that I first came across the word “Pachamama” when I met a beautiful Shaman and light being named Paulina. I was familiar with Mother Earth, or Earth Mother, Father Sky, the Creator, Source, Universal Energy, Cosmos, God, and many other things that our great existence is called and credited to. Pachamama literally can be translated as Mother Earth. Since I was young, my mother taught me to honor all living things. She would tell us that you must respect and not bring harm to life, including the trees and plants, not just humans and animals. She would tell us that if you hurt the tree, or flower, you will make them sad and cry and if you take care of them and feed them and water them and show them love, they will bloom and show their beauty to you. My grandmother also believed this, and went even further to teach us about energy and movement felt but not seen, and sensing subtle shifts in energy, such as the whirling of the wind, or “the wind is dancing” such as in a dust devil as they called them. I did not know at the time and they never spoke of it in this way, and possibly they did not know themselves how profound their teachings were, but I know now that this was, and still is earth energy and healing. My mother and grandmother are Polish, and believed in the old ways of natural healing of earth, plants and many other methods.  I also, have Native American in me from my father’s side, which I have always felt a deep connection to and truth in their beliefs of honoring the land, sky, and animal spirits. So, I suppose you can say I was born into it. Only now am I realizing and beginning to understand, what exactly I was born into.

All things give off a frequency or energy that can be tangibly felt if you open your senses to them. Have you ever stopped and sat on a patch of grass under a huge old tree, and you can just feel the connection to the earth, to that tree? Has the wind blown around you in a gentle caressing breeze, on a warm, sunny day, and you felt as if someone wrapped their arms around you in a loving embrace at that moment? Have you ever walked into a room where unbeknownst to you there was just an argument, and air feels heavy, and thick with tension and you sense something is wrong or amiss? This is all energy and frequencies you are feeling. It exists and it is very real.

Our great beautiful Pachamama, or Mother Earth also gives off her life force and energy to help us in so many ways.

I will share more with you all, as I begin to deepen my knowledge and explore ways to honor and care for our great pachamama, and give back to her and our universe what she so lovingly shares.

Since I myself am still learning and exploring the deeper meaning of Pachamama, I will share a description that I came across by author Deborah Bryon, PhD. These are her words and her description below but so beautifully wrote I wanted to share them with you.

I hope you join me on this journey to Pachamama.


“Pachamama is the word for “mother earth” or “the great mother” used in Peruvian shamanism. In Peru, everything in life begins, exists, and ends in direct dialogue and communion with Pachamama, the collective of the land itself. The land exists both inside and outside of time and space, as spirit and matter. The natural world is an expression of Pachamama what is born from the land and is returned to the land, in an ongoing cycle of death and rebirth. Pachamama is the existing energy field between all living things and is the source of the shaman’s power.” – Deborah Byron

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