Return to nature for Earth Healing to nourish your soul

Hello beautiful beings!! 

I have been on vacation, so I have not posted for awhile! My vacation is what inspired me to write this blog. We took a full week’s vacation up in the Colorado mountains and truly had no signal for pretty much most of the trip, and it was actually refreshing and wonderful to take a break from everything. The picture above is the actual cabin we rented and the views surrounding it. This was not our first trip to beautiful Colorado, and last fall we actually drove over a 7 day trip, from Texas up through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and our final destination of Washington, and a few years ago we rented a cabin as well out in the wilderness on a mountain top. However, this trip was special as we took our grand daughters with us. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to return to nature once in awhile and being able to share this with our grand daughters made it even more special!! To feel the healing energy of our Mother Earth, let the trees, sky, sun, mountains and waters, heal you, refresh you, provide life giving energy back to you, and bring balance and grounding to your very inner being. I wanted our grand daughters to experience this, and learn about honoring our earth and all that it offers.


You might ask, what exactly is returning to nature? Ask yourself that very important question. What does it mean to “return to nature” ?

The word nature in itself if you look it up in the Collins dictionary means:

Nature is all the animals, plants and other things in the world that are not made by the people, and all the events and processes that are not caused by people.


the essential character of a thing; quality or qualities that make something what it is; essence


the power, force, principle, etc. that seems to regulate the physical universe


the primitive state of man


a simple way of life close to or in the outdoors

Think about these meanings and how they relate in your life. What in your life can signify nature to you? The reason I am telling you to ask yourself this question, is to help bring realization that nature can be many things, and does not always mean you have to escape to the mountains or wilderness, but it is a wonderful added bonus. Nature can be found in your own backyard, or a city park, or small stream winding its way through town. There are many ways you can return to nature and let nature work it’s magic on your very soul. Nature is not something created by man, but by the Creator, God, Source, Universal Energy, whatever you wish to call the supreme force that connects us all to each other and this universe. To me nature is magical.

Earth Healing

I am sure you have heard the phrase “earth healing” before, especially in this day and age of awakening awareness. Earth healing does not mean, the earth will heal all that is wrong with you. The earth does not heal in this way.

Earth healing takes place on an energetic level. Healing of the mind, spirit, and subtle bodies. The earth resonates on a much deeper, balanced level then humans. This is why it is essential to incorporate nature into your routine. You can “feel” the energy of a tree, an ocean, the sun, etc….this is all earth energy and this is what assists in earth healing.

I myself incorporate “earth healing scenarios” into my meditations in my classes and just having the vision in your mind brings about calm, clarity, and peace, among other feelings my students have told me they have felt afterward.

I will include a short meditation at the end for you to try out for yourself, but here are some real life scenarios that I am sure you have felt the energy from, but may not have known that is what you are feeling.

When you lie down on the grass, feeling the sensation of the warm sun on your skin, and you gently lose yourself watching the clouds floating by, maybe even seeing what shapes you can see in them and a sense of peace and relaxation washes over you. You feel your body melting down into the earth, releasing your tensions, and the warm sun seems to warm and relax your very inner being, as your mind slowly releases all thoughts but the shapes you are forming in your mind of the clouds, and time seems to either stand still, or just disappear all together, as you lose yourself in that moment.

We have all done this before, maybe not in our adult life so much, but definitely in our childhood, I am sure you can conjure up a similar memory. When you had the feelings of time being suspended, or the warmth of the sun, this was actual unconscious energetic healing taking place. It is the energy of the earth flowing through your body creating a sense of balance, and grounding, and relaxed feeling, which then in turn allows your body to begin healing, or blood pressure to drop, and your mind to relax. When energy flows through the body, it assists in opening or balancing your chakras, blood flow, better oxygen flow, along with many other benefits.

Healing with intention

Now imagine how much greater the feeling and energy flow would be if you were consciously bringing in earth healing with intention.

To “go for a walk” to calm and clear your mind, or find an answer to something you have been trying to figure out, to sit under a huge tree old tree, leaning against the bark to connect and feel the tree for a “sense of grounding”, to go for a swim in the ocean, or lake or stream to get a feeling of energetic “cleansing” or “washing away of negativity an problems to refresh yourself”, to climb up a mountain, or hill, and reach the summit to create “vast space” or “feeling of accomplishment” or even a “feeling of universal power”……these are all conscious ways of healing with intention. If you add meditation or prayer to these moments it is even more intensified. All of these things are earth energy healing. You are creating a positive feeling, or emotion by bonding and connecting with nature in some way. You are universally linking your subtle body, mind, and spirit energy with the ancient vast energy of the tree, or the mountain, or the ocean, whatever it may be at that moment. When you do these things, think about the way you feel afterward. What feelings were invoked? How do you feel before and after? Sometimes it may be a slight subtle feeling that comes over you, and other times it may be a great rush of energy, that washes over you like a wave.


If you add meditation or prayer to any of the earth healing, this creates an even stronger energetic flow and intention. You can direct it specifically with thought, or just ask for the energy to go where it is needed.

Meditation simply put is quieting the mind and turning your intention and focus to a single point or area of reference. Prayer is the same, you are generally asking or giving gratitude for a single thing with a specific goal in mind. Meditation can be walking in the park with your own thoughts, or sitting in your home, with gentle calming nature sounds playing in the background as you place your mental focus on whatever it is that you may need or want in to bring into your life. I can write a whole other blog on Meditation and I am sure I will in the future haha, as it is very dear to me and something I practice often. I am a huge believer in the power of your own thoughts.

Here is a sample short meditation of mine, that I often use in class, try it out and see how you feel before and after. I would love to hear from my readers as well, so please feel to post your thoughts and comments after trying this. This is especially for those of you who cannot actually get away into nature on a regular basis. To visualize yourself there can help in the same way as being there physically.

Remember when meditating, always listen to your body and breath, they will guide you on what is right or what may not work as well for you.

Sit comfortably supported, or lie down, and gently close the eyes or let your eyelids be heavy and softly gaze at a pleasant focal point. 

Now bring your awareness to your breath.

Begin by taking long slow, deep breaths through the nose, inhaling and exhaling, pulling the breath all the way to your belly. Feel your body as you inhale, and exhale and the way the breath travels through your body. 

Feel the rise of your chest, then the abdomen, and feel the breath filling you with new energy, fresh oxygen, and whatever it is you are needing at the moment. Maybe it is love, or peace, healing, whatever it is you need, feel that coming into your life with each inhale.

Now with your exhale feel the breath flowing out, your abdomen falling back down, then your chest, and finally out through your nose. With each exhale, feel yourself releasing and letting go of all that is no longer needed or serves a purpose in your life.

Visualize what is no longer needed, floating out into the universe and dispersing into tiny particles that float away until you can no longer see them and they are gone. Continue for a few moments more, focusing on the rise and fall of your body, letting the ground support you fully, relaxing and releasing completely with each exhale. 

Now imagine you are out by the ocean lying on a beach. Feel the warmth of the sun warming your body and filling you with golden light.

Feel your body rising and falling with the ocean tide, your breath begins to sync with the waves of the ocean. With each inhale, your body rises as the tide gently rolls in, and with each exhale feel your abdomen falling back down as the tide recedes, releasing and relaxing. 

Keep your awareness on your breath and the ocean tide until you feel as one, as if you are giving life to the ocean with your breath. You are moving the tides now with each inhale and exhale. 

You hear a seagull crying out in the distance, welcoming you as if to say hello. You continue to let the warmth of the sun fill you creating a pure golden glowing light that is now radiating out beyond your physical body. 

You feel completely relaxed, lying here on this beautiful golden day.

As you lie here on the sand, if any thoughts come to mind, simply acknowledge them, and let them drift off into the soft breeze.

You are one with the ocean, you feel the soft breeze gently blowing. The golden sun shining on you, filling you with its warm, healing energy. 

Now it is time to bring your awareness gently back to the space you are in.

Thank the sun, the ocean, the breeze, and the earth for sharing their healing energy with you as you make your way back into the room . 

Slowly invite movement into your fingers, toes, hands and feet to awaken your body back up. Bring your attention back to your breath, and take a few deep inhales, and cleansing exhales. 

When you are ready gently open the eyes and know that at any time you may return to this moment and how you feel simply by closing your eyes and returning to your breath. 

The light and love in me, honors and sees the light and love in you – Namaste

I truly hope this brought some light into the importance of connecting with nature in whatever way you can, to help heal, clear your mind, renew your energy, and fill you with the wonderful healing energy the earth has to offer.

Take time to nourish yourself, heal yourself, and love yourself.

Until next time, wishing you all blessings and happiness!!!


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