My Shangri-La FB album of bracelets

Our FB page link above is a great place to get ideas and we have many more bracelets posted. We can do special requests, or we may already have some in stock. Please feel to ask about any bracelet that catches your eye or your energy!! 

Pricing below is for most of our general beads/bracelets. On occasion we may have custom requests for more rare or more expensive beading, or larger orders which a discount may given for,  or specific special requests, this pricing will be provided at time of request. 

Standard gemstone bracelet

8mm to 10 mm beads on stretch string


Oversized 7.5 or larger, custom beadwork, or spacers

Oversized bracelets 7.5 or larger, and any bracelets with custom beadwork and/or spacers


Standard memory wire

standard bracelet on memory wire, gemstone beading will be smaller sizes, one size fits most


Oversized memory wire

oversized bracelet will have more strands on it for larger wrists or smaller wrists with extra layers wanted. Made with smaller gemstone beads.


Here are a few of our past bracelets below with what the stones are to give you ideas. 

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