Trying to bring calmness in a world of uncertainty…..

Good morning to each and everyone of you. Today, I am writing this blog as a reminder to myself, as much as everyone else.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 rapidly expanding globally, the world is in unease, ungrounded, fear, and overall uncertainty. I myself, have been through many “scares” but have not seen in my lifetime what is occurring right now.

Some people are remaining light hearted by joking, others are panic buying, and still others are neutral and just sitting back and waiting to see what unfolds without taking action either way. I want to say, this article will be written without judgement. I will not point a finger and state what is the right or wrong way to react during this time, but instead wish to cultivate compassion and love for all of humanity. The way people respond  may have many factors, such as they know someone or they themselves have a compromised immune system. Maybe they are hard wired this way, and do not know or have not been taught any other way to respond when they respond with panic and fear. Then there are the ones that are responding with calm and clarity, and still the seemingly unattached may be in self preservation mode and shutting down, so what I ask now of myself and all of you, is to extend compassion to everyone, as you may not know the reasons behind their reaction. 

As a collective, we cannot control what is happening right now or bring it to a grinding halt. What we can control is the mode we are all operating in….REACTIVE. We are responding to what has occurred globally. We must now begin to respond in a manner which starts become PROACTIVE, or take an active stance to start to shift the situation occurring and play a crucial role in the outcome.

The world as whole right now, is generating in lower vibrations. I am calling out to all of you that may be in a state of higher vibration or in a mindset willing to get to a higher vibration,  to assist the world at this time energetically.

Hold space for those in fear, or panic, or seeming nonchalant. In your mind, lift them up in comfort, healing, and compassion as you would a small scared child. React with love. We must bring the vibration of the world back into a more balanced state, and no it is not our job to do so, but it is our strength in Spirit that can and will do so. Next time you see someone in panic mode, or reacting in a way that is not normal to them, instead of criticizing them, laughing at them, or calling them names, all of which have taken place lately, send them love and healing from you heart. Send them comfort that it is ok to be feeling what they are feeling, and let them know, that no matter what happens going forward, we are together, united, and supporting each other.

Those of you that are feeling fear, panic, lost and unease, allow yourself these feelings, sit with them for a few moments to really feel and understand where they are coming from, and why, but do so without judgement upon yourself for feeling the way you do. You are simply going to observe and begin to understand on a deeper level what may be driving these emotions.

I ask this of everyone….to at least try and begin with yourself. Extend love, compassion, non judgment, and healing to yourself. Then from there, you can begin to help others, lifting them up and yes holding space for them to work through and come to terms with what is happening.

Here are a few suggestions to use during this time……

  • Get in a habit of taking a few deep breaths, really pulling the breath all the way to your belly. Maybe even placing your hands on your belly to feel expansion as you inhale and contraction as you exhale, simply bringing your awareness back into your own body and spirit. A way of centering and grounding. You can do this with your children too, make it a little game called belly breathing, or dragon breath, or  bunny breath, or whatever they love. This helps to ease the tensions that they may be feeling from you or other family members, teaches them coping skills, and a way to begin to react in a more positive way during what they are certainly also feeling as an upset to their routines.
  • Utilize what you may already have at home in your pantry. Many of us have rubbing alcohol (for numerous reasons) and aloe vera gel (often for sunburns or burns), a quick recipe for hand sanitizer is **** 2/3 cup of rubbing or isopropyl alcohol, mixed with 1/3 aloe vera gel*** voila ….homemade hand sanitizer. Boost and activate your immune system, with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, oregano, turmeric and many other staples most people have on hand. Get creative with them! Look up some recipes for adding them into your diet, or make a homemade tea from them.
  • Be open to changing from your normal routine…this is huge!! Many of us react out of fear (without realizing why) just from the simple fact that what we are used to doing in auto pilot has now come to a halt! Try to see a positive light to changing up your routine. Maybe learn something new, take time to spend quality time with your children or family, take time to self nurture, maybe start that book you have been wanting to read, watch that good movie, start a meditation habit….and I can go on, and on….but try to think outside the box. Inspire yourself to try something new during this time. Again, teach your children to be flexible and resilient if things do not go as planned.
  • Try to find at least one thing every single day to be grateful for, and put your focus there!!! I cannot say enough, the importance of keeping your focus on a positive aspect of life….when it is all too easy to be overwhelmed. If you can find more then one thing perfect, add them in. This can be anything! Anything you are grateful for….and keep that in your mind the entire day. Cultivating gratitude begins to shift how you respond to things, and this is where it all begins.
  • Ground and balance your energy. Connect with nature, eat root vegetables, do pranayama, or balancing breath exercises, such as simple equal breaths in and out through the nose (inhale 6/exhale 6 example), or Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)….I will be posting some pranayama to use on my new YouTube channel…so watch for it on Aubrey Shangrila


I do hope this helps, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how you are coping with everything.

Practice being well internally, on an emotional and spiritual level, and come from a place of love and compassion when you react to yourself and all others. Keep the little ones in mind, all of our children….we are directly creating part of their reality right now, so let us teach them, what many have never learned ourselves, that we are all one Divine Universal Spirit, connected to each other.

Blessings, health, and happiness to all!!!


Be that light in the dark…….

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