Water Element as rain

Hello beautiful souls,

With all the heavy rains, I wanted to share some insight into one of the 5 elements – WATER.

5 Great Elements:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air (or wind)
  5. Space (or ether)

Water element is needed to sustain life. Without water, we cannot live. Throughout life the human body is made up of anywhere between 60 to 80 percent water. Plants cannot grow without it, and the earth cannot be sustained without it. It is a vital element of our planet.

Water element is associated with Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio astrological signs. It is a cleansing, healing, psychic, loving energy. When you think of this element, think of fluid and flowing. Water element and water energy are associated to the subconscious, purification, and psychic powers. This element can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted.

When it is raining outside, take your cue from nature and flow. Rather than resisting the natural energy in the air, embrace it. Become fluid and buoyant so as to move with the water element, not against it.  Pause, reflect, and gather just as a storm would. Think about the ebb and tide, think about a lazy river, gently flowing through the land. Let your self flow gently. Let the ebb and tide of your thoughts come and go without becoming attached to them. Let your body rest feeling the gentle rhythm of the rain, the subtle energy in the air, and the movement of your own breath as it enters and exits.

Just as the trees and plants outside, let the rain renew, refresh, and bring new life.


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