Yoga classes and workshops


I will be offering yoga classes and workshops. Please check back soon for classes/workshops offered.



Private Lessons

1 session at 60 minuntes, paid per session, can be pro-rated if less than 60 minutes and 50% off one additional person, with 2 person maximum.





Group Foundational course

Courses will run 4 to 6 weeks meeting 1 x weekly for 1 hour sessions and I will follow a specific area of study for a more in depth training, understanding, and knowledge to sustain and build upon for your own individual practice.





Personal holistic guidance consultations base price

Basic consultation may include but not limited to suggested yoga poses, individually designed personal meditations, suggested crystals, and ayurveda to name a few.





Personalized Meditations

Designed specific meditation for individual practice after consultation.




Group Yoga Class

Small group yoga class individual price per person per class session


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